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Indigenous Resources 

We have compiled a list of resources that may be helpful to better understand Indigenous Rights and Heritage and support our work in the heritage sector. Some of the links were provided by the National Trust for Canada.

OHC 2022 opening ceremonies began with keynote speakers Miranda Jimmy, Manager of Reconciliation, Diversity, and Inclusion, National Trust for Canada. She raised awareness about the​ seven sacred teachings and a developing a better understanding of one another.

Land and Treaties

Treaties Ontario and the map of treaty areas in Ontario: Treaties Map 

Interactive treaty map, which provides an explanation of each of the Ontario treaties. Learn about the treaties that cover where you live, go to school or work, and find reserves in Ontario. Interactive Map

When land was surrendered, it could then be surveyed by the government. There is a publication on the land surveys of southern Ontario 1784 - 1859, which establishes when each township and some named settlements were surveyed and then made available for European settlement. We do not have a digital copy but it is referenced in several libraries:

Territorial/Land Acknowledgement Resource – (Royal Architectural Institute of Canada)

Treaties and the Treaty Relationship Education Package


Territorial Acknowledgements: Going Beyond the Script

Indigenous Practitioner Perspectives on City Building

Tour of Shingwauk Residential Schools Centre

Reconciliation in Heritage - National Trust for Canada

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